Do you have endless digital media of your children?

Do you have a collection of your child’s artwork, Mothers Day cards at home and can’t possibly throw them away?

Do you want to hold on this moment of your child forever?

Let Inspired Stories help you to create something that is truly beautiful and unforgettable for $98.00. It’s a memory of your child that will be treasured for generations to come.

School Memories by Inspired Stories is a video record of a student’s year. It captures a student’s reflections and ideas at an early point in their life.

Students participating will be sent a School Memories folder pack containing the following:

  • Instructions on the process
  • A question sheet
  • A list of items that the student should collect and bring with them on the day of filming, such as examples of their art work and creative writing, certificates, any memories you want include.
  • A USB memory stick where they will save the photos they would like included in the video package

You will receive your video back on the USB and you will also receive a Family Time Capsule, where you can share the details with your extended family and add to it over the years.

Secure your Spot – Balmain Studio

Inspired Stories will be filming in our Balmain studio on the below dates this year:

Sunday 19th August, Sunday 28th October, Sunday 11th November

Please select a day and an indication of a time that would suit you best.  Your time and further instructions will be confirmed shortly.

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