School Memories – Studio Days

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School Memories is a video interview of a child. It captures the ideas and reflections of the child at a particular time in their development.

They come to the interview with their favourite artworks, potentially cards they have made for their parents, or maybe their first attempt at writing their name!  Children can also bring in certificates they have received or special keepsakes.

These documents are scanned and we incorporate them throughout the video during editing. We aim to capture a child’s thoughts on things they’re learning at school, their family and its history and get them to think forward in life.

We also request that families provide us with their digital photo and video highlights of the year.  Let us help you with the digital clutter that we all create!  A School Memories video is a beautiful way to package together your family memories.

You will receive the video back on a USB and we store videos in a family time capsule, so you can add to it over the years.  Research suggests that children benefit from connecting to family memories and actively seeing their personal development.

Questions are tailored to the age group and we start from Pre-school children, from three and a half years of age to year 6 students.

We believe storytelling and imagining a future is essential for an individual’s sense of identity, and critical for positive development.

Stay Connected to your Memories with Inspired Stories

Studio days for 2019:

Sunday 5th May – Balmain

Saturday 25th May – Balmain

Saturday 22nd June – Balmain

Saturday 27th July – Balmain

Saturday 10th August – Balmain

Saturday 14th September – Balmain

Saturday 26th October – Balmain

Saturday 9th November – Balmain

Saturday 23rd November – Balmain

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