School Memories

School Memories by Inspired Stories is a video record of a student. It captures a student’s reflections and ideas at an early point in their life.  The video is edited together with scanned copies of items that the family is likely to gather at home, artworks, cards, certificates and the families digital media, to create a beautiful snapshot of a child.

Students participating are given a School Memories folder pack, containing the following:

  • Instructions on the process
  • A question sheet
  • A list of items that the student should collect and bring with them on the day of filming
  • A USB memory stick where they will save the photos they would like included in the video package

At the completion of post-production, families receive their video back on a USB and they also start their Family Time capsule.   Videos are storied on a secure site located on the Inspired Stories website, which is password protected for each family.  The benefit of this being a collection of School Memories is in one location, allowing the student and their family to look back at the student’s reflections and see their development and growth.

Children participating in School Memories benefit in two specific ways:


  • They can articulate their ideas and reflections on camera helping to develop communication skills and building their confidence;


  • School Memories helps a child to build their sense of identity;
  • With our private online storage, its a wonderful way for families to connect to their memories for years to come;
  • Research shows that children benefit from being able to look back and see how they have grown and developed.

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