At the start of the year I went on a 30 day yoga journey with Adriene. For the past couple of years I have had a major girl crush on YouTube sensation Adriene Mishler.

Adriene Mishler, from Austin, Texas hosts the YouTube channel Yoga With Adriene, an online community of over 4 million subscribers.

I have rolled out my mat a couple of times a week at home, first thing in the morning and felt a sense of calmness that came over me throughout the day afterwards.

Adriene combines studies of traditional yoga with developmental movement, storytelling and mindfulness. Her approach to regular self-care embodies a playfulness, wisdom and humor. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and yet somehow throws out of the TV screen, such warmth, love and connection.

At the start of the year I decided to follow her on her, now yearly, 30 days of yoga journey. This year was called ‘Dedicate’. I had done her 30 days of yoga previously, but never over 30 days and often started sometime during the year.

This year, my year, it was going to be different and I wanted to pay attention to my energy and how I could improve the way I felt and what I achieved. I wanted to feel more connected and I was hoping that this yoga journey would do exactly that.

Even though I was going to be traveling overseas, I was dedicated to trying to complete the journey within the 30 days and I decide to journal every day.

So how did I go? I completed the 30 days in about 40 days, because of illness. But throughout the 30 days (when I wasn’t sick) I felt amazing. Connected. Balanced. 100% in tune with myself and what makes me feel good. I absolutely felt a sense of calmness, within the busy rush of life. I felt more present.

Adriene through her yoga, tells a story. The practices can be a maximum of about 45 minutes and they range in  time frame with the majority of them being about 20 minutes. It’s a perfect amount of time in the morning to connect with yourself and take a small amount of time to ‘find what feels good’ within.

I’m currently rolling out the mat, each morning to complete Day 25 over and over again. It’s only 13 minutes and is a wonderful way to start my day. Each day tells a different story within the journey and Day 25 is ‘Feel Alive’.

I read an article the other day that discussed that it doesn’t matter how long you spend on the mat each day, it’s with consistent practice that the real benefits of regular yoga practice bring.

Yoga With Adriene (YWA) was recognized by Google as the most searched workout of 2015, has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal and was awarded a Streamy in Health and Wellness in 2016.

So that’s my tip for being connected. If your looking for something that you haven’t found, I would start looking within. Here’s a great place to start:

“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is what you learn on the way down.” – Jiagr Gor






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